Arlington Sex Crimes Lawyer

It is smart when selecting a criminal defense attorney not to look for the cheapest lawyer, but rather a lawyer with experience in your type of case and whom you feel you can trust. Your lawyer should be giving you honest answers as to the penalties you may be facing and the defenses and options that are available to you. Arlington, Texas, attorney Bruce Ashworth can provide this type of advice.

Keller Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer

If you are contacted by law enforcement, it is important to consult a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. Contact a lawyer immediately if you are a suspect or have been arrested or charged with a sex crime. The stakes are very high.

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If you have questions regarding criminal defense matters call lawyer Bruce Ashworth at 817-789-4717 or fill out the online form on this website for a free, initial office consultation. He will review your case and your options with their respective benefits and drawbacks. Attorney Ashworth can be contacted 24/7.

At the law firm of Bruce Ashworth we look forward to assisting you, and we will provide the individual attention and personalized service that you deserve. The office is handicapped-accessible and conveniently located. Our firm accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover as payment for legal services. Fees are discussed in the initial consultation so that clients know what to expect, and a written contract will be developed if an attorney-client relationship is established.