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Sex crimes and the challenges with registering as a sex offender

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Sex Crimes

Being arrested for any reason in Arlington and throughout Texas can cause a series of challenges for the person facing criminal allegations. Some crimes, however, are more problematic than others. This goes beyond the possibility of jail time, fines and a criminal record. For people who are accused of specifically troubling acts such as sex-based violations, it can damage their entire lives from how they are perceived in the community to being able to attend school and get certain jobs. It might even impact where they can live. Understanding the requirement to register as a sex offender is a key part of a case after a person has been convicted. After considering this, it becomes even more important to know how to formulate a defense.

Details of the sex offender registry in Texas

People who have been convicted of sex offenses will need to take part in the sex offender registry program. This is true whether it is an adult or a juvenile offender. The person must inform local law enforcement of the city or county – depending on where they live – that they are there. They are required to provide various forms of information that can include their full name, their address, a color photograph and details of the offense they committed that led to the conviction. They must also check in periodically with law enforcement to verify their information. Failure to do so can result in more charges.

The database that law enforcement uses extends statewide and is shared among the different jurisdictions. The public also has access to this information. If, for example, a person is seeking a job, the employer could search the database and find the information. For some employers, discovering that a prospective employee is a convicted sex offender might lead to them choosing not to make a job offer when they otherwise would have. Law enforcement can also publish the person’s information in newspapers and other periodicals. A violent offender must understand that residents and businesses in the area could receive a postcard through the mail telling them of that person’s presence in the community.

One case that happened recently involved a Texas politician who was arrested for online solicitation of a minor. The mayor of a town was placed under arrest as part of a law enforcement sting operation. The 63-year-old and three others went to a location after they were said to have sought sex with underage individuals. After he posted bond, he resigned from his role as mayor. The consequences began even before the case has gone to trial. Should he be convicted, there will be a requirement to register as a sex offender.

Effectively defending against sex crimes is vital to avoid the worst consequences

There is a stigma attached to sex crimes and part of that is the requirement to register as a sex offender. Those who are arrested for these allegations should be fully aware of the potential damage it can do in taking away their freedom, forcing them to register as sex offenders and hindering their future. Regardless of the circumstances, there may be avenues to lodge a workable defense to reduce the charges or get an acquittal. With so much on the line, scrutinizing the evidence and trying to craft a defense is crucial. Having experienced and reliable assistance from the start is key to trying to achieve a positive result.