Over 30 Years Of Experience / Board Certified Criminal Law Attorney

Personalized Defense Against Drug Crimes

A single criminal charge carries lasting consequences. A criminal record can influence your job options, education access, housing and so much more. Because of the damage that can come from a drug offense, it’s important to choose a lawyer who will represent you in an honest and open way that makes certain you understand your case today and anything that it could influence later in life.

More Than 30 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience

Bruce Ashworth, Attorney at Law, has more than 30 years of experience defending Texans against criminal charges, and he is certified in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. As a lifelong resident of Arlington, he has dedicated his life to legal counsel. His thorough knowledge of local courts and the inner workings of the legal process is essential to delivering personal, quality assistance to his clients with the help of his support staff.

Understanding Your Charges And Your Options

Every arrest is different and each case is unique. Bruce Ashworth defends clients facing any drug charges, including marijuana or amphetamine possession, paraphernalia, prescription drug fraud, distribution, manufacture, driving under the influence and more.

The law is incredibly varied when it comes to drug violations and there are many options. It may be possible to have your case dismissed, reduced or reclassified. Mr. Ashworth will investigate the situation carefully to make sure that the best decisions for your future are made based on the alleged offense. He is direct with his clients to make sure you understand where you sit, and he fights to defend his clients in the courtroom.

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