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What are examples of computer crimes?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Computer Crimes

Accused individuals facing computer crimes charges can also be facing significant penalties and consequences. For that reason, accused individuals should be familiar with the different types of computer crimes charges they can wind up facing and how to defend themselves against computer crimes charges.

The different types of computer crimes

Examples of computer crimes include:

  • Improperly accessing a computer, computer system or network;
  • Modifying, damaging, using, disclosing, copying or taking programs or data;
  • Introducing a virus or other contaminant into a computer system;
  • Utilizing a computer in a scheme to defraud;
  • Interfering with someone else’s computer access or use;
  • Utilizing encryption in aid of a crime;
  • Falsifying email source information; and
  • Stealing an information service from a provider.

Computer crimes typically prohibit certain acts without authorization. Some computer crimes are the same as non-computer related crimes but a computer or Internet is used to commit the crime. Examples include larceny or fraud. Other examples can include cyber bullying or online computer sexual harassment. Hacking is another common type of computer crime. There is also a category of computer crimes that may also be considered sex crimes such as possessing or distributing child pornographic materials.

Penalties for accused individuals who are convicted of computer crimes can include jail time, fines and other possible penalties and consequences. The impact on the accused individual’s life can be significant and life altering without criminal defense options. It is important for accused individuals to be able to defend themselves against any criminal charges they may find themselves facing, including computer crimes.